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Space adverts is a global social media marketing brand that is leveraging blockchain to help companies worldwide have more visibility in the online space

Digital marketing and advertising are among the most successful fields that have managed to transform themselves with blockchain prowess

Blockchain is one of the newest technologies to have impacted the marketing environment for all good reasons

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Create an account on www.spaceadvert.net. Choose any of the following packages and subscribe. Click on all the ads provided everyday for you to earn. Clicking adverts assist corporate entities to push their traffic in the online space.

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Advantages Of Blockchain On Advertisment

a) It reduces the markups as it cuts down the intermediaries in the advertising chain.
b) Advertisers have access to shared pools of relevant data, already vetted by other participants and proven with the chain, making target ads more accurate and less expensive.
c) Instead of paying for a general ad space basis user browsing history, the company can contract ad buying solutions for conditional space to show their ad specifically to potential buyers based upon their data-sharing preferences.
d) Blockchain’s ledger-like system offers ad companies accurate key performance indicators like clicks and likes.
e) It offers complete transparency between advertisers and publishers.


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